PSO @ City of Asylum

PSO @ City of Asylum

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PSO @ City of Asylum

PSO @ City of Asylum

Thu, Oct 4, 2018, 7:00pm
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
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Join musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for Activism and Engagement, a multi-disciplinary program exploring the eclectic work of Leonard Bernstein. Hosted by Associate Conductor Andrés Franco, this dynamic performance will include compositions by Bernstein, Copland, and Coltrane. Local poets Deena November and Jessica Lanay will complement the evening with readings responding to Bernstein’s unique character, identity, faith, and social activism.

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PSO @ City of Asylum events are free but advance registration is required. Attendance for each event is limited to 140 people, so reserve your spot today!

Featured Artists
Andrés Franco, PSO Associate Conductor
Rodrigo Ojeda, PSO Pianist
Lorna McGhee, PSO Principal Flute
Victoria Luperi, PSO Associate Principal Clarinet
Jeffrey Grubbs, PSO Bass
Andrew Reamer, PSO Principal Percussion
Jessica Lanay, Poet
Deena November, Poet

Event Date

Location: Alphabet City on the Northside